현재 위치

Pure[ 퓨어 ]

( 다른 것이 섞이지 않은 ) 순수한
(오염되지 않은) 깨끗한

우리는 무엇보다 유기농 천연식물을 바탕으로 만들어진 아름다움을 믿습니다
천연은 안에 있는 것에서부터 그를 넘은 것까지 독성이 없습니다
우리의 몸과 땅, 서로에게 닿는 모든 것이 서로 영양분이 되는 스킨 케어

we make diffrence of skincare -

We believe in an approach to beauty that's built on awareness and integrity above all.
From what’s inside the bottle to all that goes beyond it, Circumference is toxin- and guilt-free skincare
that nourishes everything it touches-our bodies, our planet, and each other.
Beauty as an industry, has been built on a whole lot of ugly. We're here to turn it all around.
With uncomplicated, potent, pleasure-filled skincare essentials that refuse to play by the current standards.

We're guided by ethics, not profits. We honor Nature, and the people who tend to her.
We see no place for even a drop of toxicity or mistreatment, in our products or ourselves or our Earth.
It's simple-true beauty is truly beneficial, for everyone and everything. Period.